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From Finland to Curaçao

They said:  Life isn't all fun and games - sometimes you also get to dance on rose petals and marry your best friend! Let's see where the next wave takes us

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Running Bride

This is how it looks like when a bride runs over the beach. Shot taken with an UAV ( Drone )

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Color Boat

There are a lot of things you can do with a photograph. You can leave it in full color or  make it black and white or many other things. But in this photograph I like it both and that's why I left the boat in color and the surroundings in black and white.  

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On the wall

Imagine this wide or panorama picture in your living room, bedroom or office.   Did you know that I can print it for you?

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There’s a sunrise…..

There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them. This is one of the sunrises of our beautiful island Curaçao

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Before leaving

Manouk contacted me and asked me if we could do a photoshoot before she's leaving the island.  So we did an "I love Curaçao" Photoshoot. We had an amazing time. Manouk, I wish you all the best back in Holland.

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Perfect Spot

Imagine you and your partner in this picture. This could be a perfect spot for a lovely wedding photo or couple photoshoot. 

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Some places are…..

After a lovely walk in Otrabanda ( Willemstad ) you'll find beautiful buildings, moments and culture to photograph. I love this island. 🙂

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Quarantine Building

In 1874, after reviewing the quarantine law the "Quarantine inrichting Beekenburg" was designed for isolation of seafarers who suffer from yellow fever. Suspicious vessels were identified by their so-called "Yellow Jack", a yellow that should be waged at that time....

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