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A small tanker, the Maria Bianca Guidesman, is gradually being reduced to rust and dust by the constant pounding of the waves on Klein...

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The story behind Antony

A fisherman called me and asked what kind of pictures I was taking. I told him my point of view behind my pictures and he asked me my name. I answered him and he started telling this: Michael, fishing is like photography. You should feel and listen to nature, because...

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Silent Life

 While walking around on Klein Curaçao I saw this,...and I thought...this could be an amazing Black And White photo. And it...

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Abandoned Bedroom

There wasn't much time,..but I'm so glad that I could make this picture. This is what I saw when I opened the door. This bedroom is so...

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The Klein Curaçao lighthouse

The Klein Curaçao lighthouse was first built in 1850, on a tiny spit of land 11km off the southeastern tip of Curaçao. Now it is hollowed out, crumbling rapidly, and nominated for endangered status, despite being rebuilt once in 1879 and again in...

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End of sunlight

One of the things I really like is: Sunsets. No sunset is the same. So wonderful to see the colors change per...

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Problems with contact form

I'm experiencing some problems with my contact form. For so far I've disabled it. Please use the other contact information as shown on my website. Please be patient, I'm trying to fix it.  ...

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Just started

I just started my Facebook page, spread the word,....because there is much more to...

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Dear guest, The problem I had before on my "wedding page" is now solved. Thank you for your patient.

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Dear guest, I'm experiencing some color issues on my wedding page. I'm trying to fix this. Please be patient Thank you Michael

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Oranjeklas Carnaval

This morning they celebrated carnaval at school. Aren't they gorgeous?? For a printable version please contact...

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